About Dr Suur

Dr. Suur Debrah Ayangeakaa is an intercessor and a kingdom health ambassador. Her mission is to utilize an integrative spiritual,

cognitive, and behavioral approach through prayer, education, and motivation to restore individuals and communities to

wholeness - a state of completeness in the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Suur has an extensive professional background as a public health researcher in behavioral sciences, health promotion, disease prevention, and health equity with over a decade of experience

and expertise. She is a wife, mother, scribe, spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker, certified life coach, and independent wellness consultant. Dr. Suur uses her platform as an independent wellness consultant to educate, motivate, and equip

individuals and communities to take action towards attaining overall health and wellbeing.

She emphasizes spiritual growth through prayer and meditation, emphasizes a mindset shift towards well-being,

focuses on nutrition, weight management, and incorporating simpler ways to stay active, cook healthier meals,

and to maintain cleaner and healthier eating habits. Dr. Suur is a published author. Her book,

The Power of the Secret Place: A 31-day Inspirational Prayer Journal and Devotional will help build you up spiritually and draw you

closer to God. The book is expected to help individuals learn how to pray

and hear God’s voice by practicing how to dwell and scribe during private prayer.