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Debrah Suur International, Inc

Healing Nations Inside Out

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To be a haven where women, children, and families can find healing, have their basic needs met including food and housing, be equipped to overcome poverty, and thrive sustainably


To confront the root causes of poverty and abuse and to empower women, children, and families to heal, thrive, and become self-sustaining, productive members of society


  • Voice of the Voiceless (Arms and Helps ministry)

  • Educational support services

  • Empowerment and sustainability

  • Health and wellness campaigns 

Voice of the Voiceless Initiative

Voice of the Voiceless Initiative is our arms and helps ministry through which we provide food, clothing, and housing support to widows, orphans, and families experiencing poverty and abuse. Through our annual food and clothing donation drives and with support from donors like you, we can meet the needs of many.

Educational Support Services

We provide educational mentorship and career guidance for people needing to further their education. We strive to pair clients with mentors in their prospective areas of interest. 


Our current focus is on women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Empowerment & Sustainability 

This initiative allows us to provide technical and financial assistance to women seeking to discover, build their career, and become self-sustaining.


We link women to opportunities and provide resources for vocational and skills-based training, business development, entrepreneurship workshops, and job preparedness. 

Health & Wellness Campaign

We conduct health and wellness workshops and seminars to increase awareness to health issues impacting women and improve access to health services.


Our focus includes creating awareness around proper nutrition, hygiene practices, reproductive health issues (e.g. STDS/HIV prevention and treatment) and other chronic conditions impacting women in poorly resourced settings especially in Africa.

Who We Are

We are a faith-based global organization whose sole mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities experiencing poverty and abuse to find healing, restoration, and sustainability. Our focus is on helping women, orphans, children, and families, in poorly resourced regions of the world (particularly in Africa) to attain wholeness - a complete sate of wellbeing in spirit, soul (will, mind, and emotions), and body by providing or linking those in need to resources, education, and skillsets necessary for regaining control of their overall well-being and thriving sustainably.


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